30+ Textured Glass Chandelier

Textured Glass Chandelier are added to most of the luxurious hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and corporate offices. When it comes to being the brightest source of light, nothing beats a chandelier. Besides emitting highest level of light, the design and style of the chandelier can completely change the overall décor and outlook of any room. Lots of efforts and hard work is put into making a chandelier and that’s the main reason these chandeliers are not cheaper. There are some designs or styles that are not as expensive but you need to spare at least a thousand bucks when you want to have a stylish looking chandelier. Textured glass chandelier made with wood, metal or carbon fiber are affordable compared to crystal chandeliers especially textured glass chandeliers. It’s expensive to produce textured glass and when you produce at least 100 individual pieces to make up a chandelier, the price range can go as higher as quarter of a million.

Textured Glass Chandelier 01


Textured Glass Chandelier 02


Textured Glass Chandelier 03


Textured Glass Chandelier 04


Textured Glass Chandelier 05


Textured Glass Chandelier 06


Textured Glass Chandelier 07


Textured Glass Chandelier 08


Textured Glass Chandelier 09


Textured Glass Chandelier 10


Textured Glass Chandelier 11


Textured Glass Chandelier 12


Textured Glass Chandelier 13


Textured Glass Chandelier 14


Textured Glass Chandelier 15


Textured Glass Chandelier 16


Textured Glass Chandelier 17


Textured Glass Chandelier Designs:

  1. Clear glass chandelier:

    Chandeliers have different designs and shapes and they often use different materials as well including wood, metal, plastic and most commonly; glass. Glass is the most commonly used material for chandeliers because it’s versatile and it can be produced in dozens of styles, shapes and designs. Although textured glass is common for chandelier but there are some designs that use clear transparent glass parts. Clear glass is preferred because it emits highest level of light and also it doesn’t make the space cluttered and really opens up small rooms i.e. staircases. While talking about clear glass chandelier, round shape designs are mostly preferred because they can go with any room décor without compromising the appearance.

  2. Frosted glass chandelier:

    When we talk about classic chandelier designs, the most common type of glass used that comes to our minds is the frosted glass. Frosted glass is very common to be used in doors, windows and room partitions because it allows the light to pass through but it’s translucent and because of this feature of frosted glass that is scatters light to different angles, it’s highly liked for making chandeliers. Obviously there are different levels of frosting that can be added to the glass panel and each level create a whole new look for the chandelier. If you are not sure which level of frosting suits your home décor or what style you should choose, see a few samples before selecting a chandelier.

  3. Tiered glass chandelier:

    Up until now the styles of chandeliers that we have talked about are single layer. It means there is just one layer of glass panels that also include light fixtures either visible or hidden. Additionally there is the type of glass chandelier where there are multiple layers and each layer has narrow circumference than the above layer. When you look at the tiered glass chandelier, the layer on the top has the widest diameter and then each layer below that starts getting narrower with the last layer on the bottom being the smallest layer. These chandeliers are often seen in round shapes but any other shape is also possible including rectangle and square. This type of chandelier is only suitable for a big room with the roof at least 12 feet higher. This means putting this chandelier in a small room might not be a good idea.

  4. Textured glass chandelier with candles:

    Another very common type of chandelier is the textured glass chandelier where each piece of glass is made separately with some sort of texture. The texture can be of any form from frosting to coloring to laser cutting the glass to putting glitter inside the glass particles. When you look at the finished product, each glass piece has a unique texture and together when these pieces are put on or around a chandelier base, they create an interesting looking design that can both lit your interior and make it appear classy and luxurious. Keep in mind that compared to a crystal chandelier or frosted glass chandelier, texture glass chandeliers are more expensive and they can put a pretty big dent on your pocket. But still it’s one of the most commonly liked and preferred type of chandeliers.Textured Glass Chandelier 18Textured Glass Chandelier 19


    Textured Glass Chandelier 20


    Textured Glass Chandelier 21


    Textured Glass Chandelier 22


    Textured Glass Chandelier 23


    Textured Glass Chandelier 24


    Textured Glass Chandelier 25


    Textured Glass Chandelier 26


    Textured Glass Chandelier 27


    Textured Glass Chandelier 28


    Textured Glass Chandelier 29


    Textured Glass Chandelier 30


    Textured Glass Chandelier 31


    Textured Glass Chandelier 32

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