30+ Make Up Mirror Designs

Make up mirror designs you like getting ready for a party or an evening with your friends or you are just preparing for the office in the morning, you spend at least half an hour in front of the mirror on daily basis. For men, getting ready is not a problem. They can just splash some water on the face, wipe it with the towel and run their fingers through their hair and they are set to go. For girls, it’s a whole different story. They need time, efforts and lots of consideration to get ready for an event. While putting makeup on, the most important thing to have is a full size good quality mirror in front of you. A while back, people used to have vanity mirrors in the bathroom which also served the purpose of a makeup mirror but recently, having a full size dresser with mirror in the bedroom is in trend. A full size makeup mirror in the bedroom can change the entire outlook of the room. Not only that it helps reflect more light to brighten up the room but it can also reflect open space making a small room look bigger.


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Make up Mirror Designs:

  1. Traditional makeup mirror:

    Traditionally makeup mirrors come in various styles and materials. Usually what most people have is a wooden dresser where the mirror is fixed on the top. The benefits of having this mirror include; having good amount of space to put makeup items on the table, excess to everything in front of you without getting up and reaching drawers on the top and putting on makeup while standing or sitting on a stool. Usually these mirrors that come with dresser are matching with the bedroom furniture i.e. bed and chairs.Make Up Mirror Design 12Make Up Mirror Design 13Make Up Mirror Design 14Make Up Mirror Design 15


    Make Up Mirror Design 16

  2. Full size floor makeup mirror:

    The problem with a traditional makeup mirror with dresser is that you can’t see your bottom part of the body because that’s where the dresser is. In order to fully appreciate the way they look, people opt for full size floor mirrors. These are the mirrors that come alone without any dresser and they stand on the floor with the help of custom built stand. You can put this floor mirror in the corner of the room and besides it; there is the dresser with the stool. You can just sit on the stool, reach makeup items on the dresser and then you can see yourself from top to bottom in the mirror.

  3. Smart makeup mirror:
    Smart mirrors
    are getting very popular these days. These are the mirrors that come with built-in lights to help look at you better. More expensive smart mirrors have LED lights that can be turned on or off with a simple push of a button. When the light is on, the mirror directly puts light on the person standing or sitting in front of it. This means you don’t need to have additional room lights to put makeup on. Additionally, these smart mirrors also have a display inside the mirror which displays the content from your laptop, tablet or your smart phone. Content like weather updates, social media notifications, appointments and messages are shown on the display and you can see these notifications while putting makeup on.Make Up Mirror Design 17Make Up Mirror Design 18Make Up Mirror Design 19Make Up Mirror Design 20 

    Make Up Mirror Design 21

  4. Lighted makeup mirror:
    These lighted mirrors are somewhat similar to the smart mirrors but they don’t have any display to show digital content. Instead, these mirrors just have lights that you can turn on or off by pushing a button on the bottom of the mirror. Traditionally these mirrors come with dressers and big frame around it which is used to install lights i.e. LED lights or old florescent bulbs. You can see these mirrors commonly in photo studios, television sets where shootings are done and actors and actresses get ready and inside beauty parlors.Make Up Mirror Design 22Make Up Mirror Design 23Make Up Mirror Design 24Make Up Mirror Design 25 

    Make Up Mirror Design 26


  5. Antique makeup mirror:
    One not so common type of makeup mirror is the antique mirror that only a handful of people can appreciate. When you look at an antique mirror, it appears dull and old and rusty but the ones who appreciate ancient art and old history items, see a lot of potential and charm in these crappy looking mirrors. An antique mirror that is fully restored with new polish, repaired frame and paint can change the interior of your bedroom.


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