30+ Lighted Mirror Designs

Lighted mirror designs comes to making a change that can change the entire look of a room, people usually opt for small changes i.e. adding plants in the interior or changing the drapes. This is because some of us don’t have the budget to change the times or add a new paint to the walls while some don’t have time to implement the changes. In either case, it’s proven that even a small change in the interior can bring a new perspective to the entire room. Because of this, lighted mirror designs are getting very famous these days. People tend to just replace their existing mirrors with lighted mirrors and it instantly changes the whole interior experience.


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Lighted mirrors are comparatively a new invention but it’s one of those ideas that should have been thought decades ago. There are dozens of styles of lighted mirrors available these days from round to rectangle to triangle, hexagonal or it can be in any shape that you want. The lights attached to the mirror are also versatile. Some mirrors have a strip of LED lights on the back side that doesn’t just flash the light in your eyes but the light is portrayed on the wall behind the mirror. In other designs, the light can face the person in front of it so they don’t need other light fixture while applying makeup or removing it.

Basic Functions of Lighted Mirrors:

On the basic level, a lighted mirror is just an ordinary mirror with an LED light attached to it. How this light works is the main function of the mirror. If you go with a cheap lighted mirror, there is no automatic control of the light and you can just turn it on or off with the switch usually placed on the back of the mirror. In more advanced mirror types that cost hundreds of dollars, there are multiple functions i.e. different colors of light, various levels of light, motion sensor lights, voice command lights and there are even smart mirrors available that have an LCD attached to the mirror and by using your smart phone you can check news updated, weather conditions and appointments for the day. It’s like the more you spend the better mirror you have in your home.

Lighted Mirror Design 01


Lighted Mirror Design 03

Lighted Mirror Design 04

Lighted Mirror Design 05

Modern Designs of Lighted Mirrors:

Makeup Lighted Mirror:

One of the most common lighted mirror is the makeup mirror. This comes in very small size and it’s usually equivalent to a table mirror. Because of the size and the level of light, it doesn’t cost more than $30 in most cases. You can just put this mirror on your dressing table at home or even at your work desk in office. Usually it requires a power outlet where you can plug in the mirror but there are some models available that work with rechargeable batteries so you can even carry these around in your purse.

Lighted Mirror Design 07


Lighted Mirror Design 08


Lighted Mirror Design 09


Bathroom Lighted Mirror:

These days more and more people are switching from traditional vanity/bathroom mirrors to lighted mirrors. The reason for this trend is because a lighted mirror doesn’t cost that much extra when it comes to the choice and the styling is just worth spending some extra bucks instead of ending up with a boring traditional mirror. These mirrors can have motion sensors so when you walk in your bathroom, the light is turned on and it’s especially ideal when you want to use the bathroom in the middle of the night without waking up your partner by turning on the ceiling light fixture.


Lighted Mirror Design 10


Lighted Mirror Design 11


Lighted Mirror Design 12


Lighted Mirror Design 13


Lighted Mirror Design 14

Dressing Table Lighted Mirror:

Just like a vanity mirror, you can also install a lighted mirror on your dressing table. In studios, there is a trend of fixing light fixtures on the dressing table so the person putting on makeup has better viewing in the mirror. A lighted mirror on the dressing table can easily resolve this issue and let’s be honest, a dressing table with dozens of bulbs on the frame never look sleep and stylish. A lighted mirror here is always better because the lights are not visible if they are turned off and you can turn them on by using a switch on the back or there are even some mirrors available where you just tap the bottom of the mirror and it activates the sensor to turn the lights on.

Lighted Mirror Design 02

Lighted Mirror Design 15

Lighted Mirror Design 16


Lighted Mirror Design 17


Lighted Mirror Design 18


Lighted Mirror Design 19


Lighted Mirror Design 20


Lighted Mirror Design 21


Lighted Mirror Design 22


Lighted Mirror Design 23


Lighted Mirror Design 24


Lighted Mirror Design 25


Lighted Mirror Design 26


Lighted Mirror Design 27


Lighted Mirror Design 28


Lighted Mirror Design 29


Lighted Mirror Design 30


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