30+ Framed Mirror Designs

Framed mirror designs when it comes to mirrors, people have different opinions and preferences. Some people like plain mirrors without any frame while some people like mirrors with big bulky frames around them. In either case, it’s settled that any mirror when added to the interior of the room can transform the entire outlook of the space without much of an effort. By sampling hanging a framed mirror designs in the bedroom, in the hallway, by the main entrance or even in the lounge above the fireplace, you can make the room appear bigger, wider and brighter as the mirror will not only reflect more light but it will also help convey a sense of openness in the room. While talking about the framed mirror designs, there are dozens of styles and designs that you can choose from. In order to choose a framed mirror for your home, it mainly depends on your personal choices, the budget you have and the purpose of the mirror.

Framed Mirror Design 01


Framed Mirror Design 02


Framed Mirror Design 03


Framed Mirror Design 04


Framed Mirror Design 05


Framed Mirror Design 06


Framed Mirror Design 07


Framed Mirror Design 08


Framed Mirror Design 09


Framed Mirror Design 10


Framed Mirror Design 11


Framed Mirror Design 12


Framed Mirror Design 13


Framed Mirror Design 14


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Framed Mirror Design 16


Framed Mirror Design 17


Framed Mirror Designs:

  1. Antique framed mirrors:

    Although it’s hard to imagine that something more than 3 centuries old can still be a useful item but it’s a reality that antique mirrors are very famous these days. Many people who find charm and creativity in old items opt for antique mirrors rather than buying a new one. Keep in mind that when we say antique mirrors, we are not talking about dull or broken old mirrors. We are discussing fully restored, polished, repaired and colored old mirrors that give the ancient vibes and bring so much history with them. Whether we talk about dresser mirrors or hand held mirrors, antique mirrors were made with big metal and wood frames. These frames make a bold statement and when you add it to the interior of any room, it adds certain sophistication to the overall outlook.

  2. Custom shaped framed mirror:

    Common mirrors are square or rectangle but these days you can find framed mirrors in almost any shape you want. If you like a round mirror with big wooden frame around it, you can find it. If an oval shaped mirror is what you need, you can certainly get one. Other shapes include hexagon, triangle and even a mirror without a specific shape. Usually when you go with a custom shaped mirror, you can’t get it with wooden frame. It’s because the wood is not flexible enough to bend where as the metal has the capability to bend in any shape. If you like a custom shaped mirror with a wooden frame, you can go with the metal frame that has wooden paint on it.

  3. Framed mirror stickers:

    The problem with a traditional mirror is that no matter how careful you are, it’s always possible to break the mirror while you are cleaning it or if you accidently bump a small item i.e. hairbrush on it. Traditional mirrors are also not immune to the seasonal wear and tear where dark spots starts appearing on the mirror after some time. Rather than choosing a traditional mirror, you can find mirror stickers. These are acrylic or plastic mirrors that come in different sizes and shapes. There is gum or tape on the back of the mirror and it can be put on almost any surface. Some of these stickers are frameless while some designs come with frames as well.

  4. Lighted framed mirror:

    It’s a common knowledge that when you want to use a mirror, you need good lighting around you. This way you can take a look at you in the mirror while getting dressed or putting makeup on. Instead of installing ceiling or wall light fixtures above the mirror, a clever idea is to incorporate the lights into the mirror. This is what’s known as a lighted mirror. Basically there is LED light strip put in front or back of the mirror. This light can be turned on manually with a switch or it can also operate with sensors so when you want into the room or get closer to the mirror, it will sense your presence and the light is turned on.

  5. Framed mirror tiles:

    When it comes to interior designing, sky is the limit. Any idea that is unique can work for you if you use it the right way. These days people take interest in mirror tiles. Instead of getting a big one piece mirror for the wall, they go with antique mirror tiles that are joined together. These tiles can be of square shape, rectangular shape, triangular shape or any other shape that you want. Usually these tiles are frameless so they can be put together with each other but you can still put a frame around the tiles. This way you can either put all the tiles together on one wall or put them with space in between.Framed Mirror Design 18Framed Mirror Design 19Framed Mirror Design 20

    Framed Mirror Design 21


    Framed Mirror Design 22


    Framed Mirror Design 23


    Framed Mirror Design 24


    Framed Mirror Design 25


    Framed Mirror Design 26


    Framed Mirror Design 27


    Framed Mirror Design 28


    Framed Mirror Design 29


    Framed Mirror Design 30


    Framed Mirror Design 31


    Framed Mirror Design 32




    Framed Mirror Design 33

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