Texture Glass for Kitchen Cabinets play very important role for enhancing the overall decoration and style of the kitchen to adding extra storage space for the user. There are two types of cabinets in any kitchen including overhead cabinets and cabinets under the shelf or counter. The ones underneath the […]

Textured Glass Chandelier are added to most of the luxurious hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and corporate offices. When it comes to being the brightest source of light, nothing beats a chandelier. Besides emitting highest level of light, the design and style of the chandelier can completely change the overall décor […]

Textured glass door designs has always been a great element for adding certain class and decoration and elegance into any interior. When glass is added to any piece of furniture or an interior item i.e. doors or windows, it brings more elegance and beauty to the overall appearance. This is […]

Textured glass window designs are an important part of any building. In apartments and other buildings in the cities, there is usually limited space to put a window but still most people want to have big windows often spanning from one wall to another. In suburban houses, big windows aren’t […]