Back Painted Glass Panel Designs for construction materials are getting very versatile and modern these days. The materials that once thought weaker or stupid are getting popular recently. Take for instance the back painted glass panels. These glass panels are the number one choice for most of the interior designers […]

Antique Mirror Panel Designs around us can be versatile and unlike common understanding, a mirror can serve more purposes than its key feature; show exactly what’s in front of it. These days you can find decorative mirrors on the walls in homes, offices and shops and there are some interior […]

Antique mirror tiles designs are also used for decorative purposes. By adding a mirror in the interior, not only that you can create openness in the tiny room and make it appear bigger and roomier but the mirror will also help reflect light to make the room even brighter. While […]

Floor mirror designs when you want to make a tiny room appear bigger and wider, there is nothing much you can do that doesn’t require demolishing the wall and physically making the room bigger. There is though one thing that you can do; addition of a full size floor mirror […]

Framed mirror designs when it comes to mirrors, people have different opinions and preferences. Some people like plain mirrors without any frame while some people like mirrors with big bulky frames around them. In either case, it’s settled that any mirror when added to the interior of the room can […]

Frameless mirror designs make a bold statement and they usually transform the entire outlook of the room. By adding an antique framed mirror in a room with white paint, you can instantly change the interior from soft and soothing to lavish and decorative. People with more open space in the […]

Full length mirror designs can play an important role in the interior of any home or even office. You need to look at yourself while getting ready for an event or while you put on makeup in the morning for the office. You need to see your teeth in the […]

Gym mirror designs working out and doing exercise in the gym is always better when you have companion. This is why most people who do regular exercise usually have a partner in the gym. Besides having a partner for your workout sessions, it’s also important for having a full size […]

Make up mirror designs you like getting ready for a party or an evening with your friends or you are just preparing for the office in the morning, you spend at least half an hour in front of the mirror on daily basis. For men, getting ready is not a […]

Led bathroom mirror designs we spend around 1 hour in the bathroom on average and considering this duration, it makes sense to consider bathroom as one of the important parts of any house or building for that matter. Our mood while using the bathroom and after that depends mainly on […]