30+ LED Bathroom Mirror Designs

Led bathroom mirror designs we spend around 1 hour in the bathroom on average and considering this duration, it makes sense to consider bathroom as one of the important parts of any house or building for that matter. Our mood while using the bathroom and after that depends mainly on the overall décor and design of the bathroom. People try adding different elements to their bathrooms including paintings and green plants to make the environment calm and relaxing.

Besides adding new elements to decorate the bathroom, a quick way to transform the interior is to add a mirror on the wall. When we talk about small bathrooms, a big mirror on the wall can create the sense of openness and the person using the facility will feel less claustrophobic.

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On the other hand, a big wall to wall mirror used in a huge bathroom will drastically change the entire outlook of the bathroom where the mirror will reflect sufficient day light to brighten up the entire room. Although you can’t go wrong while choosing a bathroom mirror but sometimes it’s important to choose the right form and design. In some bathrooms, a square mirror without frame will appear sleeker and stylish while in another bathroom and antique mirror will go perfect with the tiles and vanity.

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Key Elements to consider while Choosing Bathroom Mirror:

  • Consider size of the bathroom
  • Decide a specific budget
  • Think of your own likeness
  • Select framed or without frame mirror
  • Choose the functionality

Modern Bathroom Mirror Designs:

Simple Framed or Frameless Mirror:

The most basic and common type of mirror installed in the bathroom is either framed or frameless mirror that is put on the wall directly. There is always tough competition between framed and frameless mirrors for bathrooms because some people like big bulky frames around the mirrors while some don’t like to make bold statement and choose frameless mirrors. In either case, it’s always good to have a simple mirror in the bathroom especially when you have already spent too much on floor and wall times and vanity fixture. Going with the framed mirror, you have many options from wooden frames to metal frames to plastic frames to the mirrors that come with a bottom shelf attached to the frame where you can put light weight items.

LED Bathroom Mirror Design 01


LED Bathroom Mirror Design 02


LED Bathroom Mirror Design 03


LED Bathroom Mirror Design 04


LED Bathroom Mirror Design 05


LED Bathroom Mirror Design 06


Lighted Mirror:

These days, lighted mirrors are getting very popular especially because of the fact that there isn’t much difference in the price of a lighted mirror and simple mirror. If you have already installed a common mirror in your bathroom, don’t be sad because you can still transfer it into a lighted mirror. In the lighted mirror, the LED light strip goes all the way on the back of the mirror and with a common mirror, you just need to install it on a wooden frame that can create some empty space on the back of the mirror and the wall and that space will be used to put the LED strip. At the bottom of the mirror, you can install a small hidden switch to turn on and off the light.



LED Bathroom Mirror Design 09



LED Bathroom Mirror Design 10



Smart Mirror:

21st century has given us lots of new and amazing inventions and one of those inventions is the smart mirror. A smart mirror appears to be a normal mirror when you look at it but as soon you turn it on, it becomes an LCD that displays various types of information. These smart mirrors are installed on vanity so the person in front of it can take a quick look at weather updates, social media notifications and appointments for the day. The same mirror can also be installed in the shower so you can watch movies or news while taking a bath. Practically speaking, this smart mirror can be a great addition to your bathroom.

Medicine Cabinet Mirror:

Up until now the mirrors that we have discussed for your bathroom can only serve basic purpose of showing what’s in front of it but let’s discuss a multiple purpose mirror. This is what is known as a medicine cabinet mirror. Basically when you look at it, it looks like a traditional bathroom mirror but behind the mirror, there is a hidden cabinet that can be opened with the help of side hinges. This cabinet can be used to put medical supplies, tablet bottles and bathroom essentials i.e. lotions, creams, conditioners and even spare toilet paper rolls.

LED Bathroom Mirror Design 14




LED Bathroom Mirror Design 17


LED Bathroom Mirror Design 18


LED Bathroom Mirror Design 19


LED Bathroom Mirror Design 20


LED Bathroom Mirror Design 21




LED Bathroom Mirror Design 24




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