Frameless mirror designs make a bold statement and they usually transform the entire outlook of the room. By adding an antique framed mirror in a room with white paint, you can instantly change the interior from soft and soothing to lavish and decorative. People with more open space in the […]

Full length mirror designs can play an important role in the interior of any home or even office. You need to look at yourself while getting ready for an event or while you put on makeup in the morning for the office. You need to see your teeth in the […]

Glass partition walls for office the days when dozens of employees used to sit on the same table and work together in harmony are almost gone. These days when employees are hired, they expect to have a more comfortable working environment where they have at least a separate table and […]

Glass partition walls for home decoration trends change with the time and usually the trends that the world saw last year would never repeat as the interior designers will move to different ideas and thoughts and everyone will have a fresh perspective. Among all the unique interior decoration ideas and […]

Glass partition ideas for bathroom shower even if you don’t consider it an important part of your house, a bathroom is essentially very important. You should consider that you are not the only one who will use the bathroom but when your friends or relatives are there, they will also […]

Gym mirror designs working out and doing exercise in the gym is always better when you have companion. This is why most people who do regular exercise usually have a partner in the gym. Besides having a partner for your workout sessions, it’s also important for having a full size […]

Make up mirror designs you like getting ready for a party or an evening with your friends or you are just preparing for the office in the morning, you spend at least half an hour in front of the mirror on daily basis. For men, getting ready is not a […]

Textured glass door designs has always been a great element for adding certain class and decoration and elegance into any interior. When glass is added to any piece of furniture or an interior item i.e. doors or windows, it brings more elegance and beauty to the overall appearance. This is […]

Textured glass window designs are an important part of any building. In apartments and other buildings in the cities, there is usually limited space to put a window but still most people want to have big windows often spanning from one wall to another. In suburban houses, big windows aren’t […]

Antique mirror repair although the term antique can have multiple meanings but in general, when we say that something is antique, it means it’s at least 100 years old and has more value compared to newer items. In the same sense, when we discuss antique mirrors, we are referring to […]