30+ Antique Mirror Panel Designs

Antique Mirror Panel Designs around us can be versatile and unlike common understanding, a mirror can serve more purposes than its key feature; show exactly what’s in front of it. These days you can find decorative mirrors on the walls in homes, offices and shops and there are some interior designs where an entire retaining wall is made with mirror panels. Redecorating a room or the entire house can cost a lot of money and there is no way to ensure that the new look will be acceptable by the client. On the contrary, addition of decorative mirrors in the interior won’t cost as much and these small items can drastically change the entire look of the room. At the end if the client doesn’t like the mirrors, you can just replace them with ease. Antique mirrors panel designs are getting popular these days and people are showing keen interest in old and rustic mirror panels. Unlike a big mirror that can cost hundreds of bucks and it’s difficult to handle and install, antique mirror panel designs are convenient to carry and install and they don’t put a huge bump on your pocket as well. Depending on one’s thoughts and imagination, these antique mirror tiles can be used in bathrooms, showers, kitchen, bedrooms, and lounge and even outside of the house around the pool or fireplace.

Antique Mirror Panel Design 01


Antique Mirror Panel Design 02


Antique Mirror Panel Design 03


Antique Mirror Panel Design 04


Antique Mirror Panel Design 05


Antique Mirror Panel Design 06


Antique Mirror Panel Design 07


Antique Mirror Panel Design 08


Antique Mirror Panel Design 09


Antique Mirror Panel Design 10


Antique Mirror Panel Design 11


Antique Mirror Panel Design 12


Antique Mirror Panel Design 13


Antique Mirror Panel Design 14


Antique Mirror Panel Design 15


Antique Mirror Panel Design 16


Antique Mirror Panel Design 17


Antique Mirror Panel Design 18


Antique Mirror Panel Designs:

  1. Antique mirror feature walls:

    Antique mirror panels are available in hundreds of shapes and styles. These panels are made to be put together so they become a large piece of mirror. Most commonly, these panels are used to cover an entire wall i.e. wall behind the fireplace in the lounge or behind the television. Not only that you can get the same looking antique mirror panels that are put together but you can also ask the manufacturer to put a watermark on the tiles i.e. angel wings or smoked skeleton. This way when you take a look at a single mirror panel, it won’t make any sense but just like pieces of a puzzle, when these panels are put together, they make up a beautiful picture.

  2. Antique mirror splash back panels:

    In the household, it’s a common problem that the wall behind sink or wash basin tap always gets wet with the water splashes and as a result, it gets damage or damp very often. A common solution is to put some waterproof material i.e. marble or ceramic tiles behind the sink or basin so the water won’t reach the wall. A modern idea in this context is to put antique mirror panels as splash back material. These panels can be used in the bathroom, powder room and kitchen. These panels often come in small size so it’s very easy to put these together behind the sink or wash basin in the bathroom. If it’s required, cutting a mirror panel is also not a problem and any glass cutting tool will do the job.

  3. Antique mirror bathroom/shower panel:

    People have unique ideas and thoughts when it comes to interior decoration. For instance, some people like plain walls while some want texture or wallpapers. Some fancy the elegant look of a simple white painted bathroom while some like to create the sense of openness by adding full size mirrors on the walls. In the same sense, a very popular practice of interior designers is to add antique mirror panels in the shower. This way either one or all the walls in the shower are covered with mirror panels. The beauty of this concept is that the antique mirror panels are not perfect but they have some flaws so it doesn’t matter if they are wet or get moisture in the shower. Unlike ceramic tiles, cleaning mirror panels is also very easy and doesn’t require frequent cleaning.

  4. Antique Mirror Panel Design 21Antique Mirror Panel Design 22Antique Mirror Panel Design 23Antique Mirror Panel Design 24Antique Mirror Panel Design 25
  5. Antique Mirror Panel Design 26
  6. Antique Mirror Panel Design 28Antique Mirror Panel Design 29Antique Mirror Panel Design 30Antique Mirror Panel Design 31


    Antique Mirror Panel Design 32


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