30+ Full Length Mirror Designs

Full length mirror designs can play an important role in the interior of any home or even office. You need to look at yourself while getting ready for an event or while you put on makeup in the morning for the office. You need to see your teeth in the mirror while flossing at night and you certainly can’t shave your beard without looking at your face in the mirror. Along with serving the basic purpose of portraying what’s in front of them, mirrors have other roles in the decoration of a house as well. For making a tiny room appear bigger, you can add a full length mirror designs on the wall. For increasing the daylight in the room, you can add a mirror that will reflect more light. Besides these, mirrors are also hung on the walls for making bold decorative statements i.e. an antique mirror right in front of the main entrance can change the entire perspective of your house. When it comes to mirrors, there are framed mirrors and frameless mirrors. Within these two categories, you can find several different options i.e. wall mirrors, dresser mirrors and most important full length mirror designs.

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Full Length Mirror Designs:

  1. Traditional full length mirror:

    A traditional mirror is still a full length mirror but it comes with a big bulky frame around it. Because of the fact that it’s not easy to handle a large size mirror especially when you put it up against the wall without any support on the bottom, frameless full size floor mirrors aren’t very common. Instead, people look for framed mirrors where the top of the mirror is rested up against the wall and the bottom of the mirror is put on the floor without any stand or brackets on the back side. In the category of traditional full length mirror designs with frames, there are antique mirrors available. These mirrors are usually at least 100 years old and they are mostly fully restored to their former glory and beauty.

  2. Cheval full length mirror:

    When you look at a cheval mirror, it appears as a traditional full length mirror and in fact it’s almost the same. A traditional mirror doesn’t have any stand or support on the floor and it rests up against the wall while a cheval mirror has a stand at the bottom with hinges in the middle. You can use these hinges to swivel the mirror horizontally and vertically but this option is more expensive and usually we can only find cheval mirrors that swivel or rotate only vertically or horizontally. This type of mirror is ideal for walk in closets and bedrooms where there is enough space on the floor to place the stand of the mirror. For bathrooms, this option is not suitable because of excessive moisture on the floor can damage the frame.Full Length Mirror Design 14Full Length Mirror Design 15Full Length Mirror Design 16

    Full Length Mirror Design 17


    Full Length Mirror Design 18


    Full Length Mirror Design 19


    Full Length Mirror Design 20


    Full Length Mirror Design 21


    Full Length Mirror Design 22


    Full Length Mirror Design 23

  3. Wall to wall full length mirror:

    Usually when we talk about full length mirrors, we are talking about floor mirrors that come in rectangular shape. These mirrors have width of 10-18 inches in most cases and they have the length of up to 7 feet. In most cases, this is the mirror that you will see in homes, offices, shops and gyms. A different option is to use the same size of the mirror but put it on the wall horizontally. You can even increase the length and width of the mirror as well. The basic rule here is to completely cover an entire wall with the mirror. Usually this option seems suitable for smaller bathrooms and walk in closets.

  4. Full length mirror tiles:

    Having a full length mirror on an entire wall seems an interesting idea and it can transform the room into a roomy and open interior but don’t forget the fact that bigger the mirror is, more expensive it becomes. A smaller mirror might cost just couple of bucks but a full size mirror that can cover an entire wall can cost as much as $1500 in some cases. For covering a complete wall or corner of the room with mirror but still finding an affordable option, you should go with frameless mirror tiles. These tiles are made with acrylic or plastic and they come in different shapes and sizes. Basically you can put as many tiles together as you want and together they become a bigger piece of mirror.Full Length Mirror Design 24Full Length Mirror Design 25Full Length Mirror Design 26Full Length Mirror Design 27


    Full Length Mirror Design 28


    Full Length Mirror Design 29


    Full Length Mirror Design 30


    Full Length Mirror Design 31


    Full Length Mirror Design 32


    Full Length Mirror Design 33


    Full Length Mirror Design 34

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