30+ Frameless Mirror Designs

Frameless mirror designs make a bold statement and they usually transform the entire outlook of the room. By adding an antique framed mirror in a room with white paint, you can instantly change the interior from soft and soothing to lavish and decorative. People with more open space in the house can go with framed mirrors but for those who already have less interior space, going with a frameless mirror might be the ideal choice. With the frameless mirror, you can still have the benefits of a mirror in the room but there is no frame attached to the mirror and this way it seems sleeker and slimmer somehow. A frameless mirror designs can be added to any room of your choice i.e. bathroom, bedroom, lounge, kitchen, study and even staircase. Many people like to hang a big frameless mirror designs right in front of the main entrance door so as soon the door is opened, the person walking in gets certain sense of openness with the mirror in front of him.

Frameless Mirror Design 01


Frameless Mirror Design 02


Frameless Mirror Design 03


Frameless Mirror Design 04


Frameless Mirror Design 05


Frameless Mirror Design 06


Frameless Mirror Design 07


Frameless Mirror Design 08


Frameless Mirror Design 09


Frameless Mirror Design 10


Frameless Mirror Design 11


Frameless Mirror Design 12


Frameless Mirror Design 13

Frameless Mirror Design 14


Frameless Mirror Design 15


Frameless Mirror Design 16


Frameless Mirror Designs:

  1. Big wall to wall frameless mirror:

    Decorating a big and wide room is not the problem because you can add as much items as you want. The real issue is to decorate a small room most commonly a tiny bathroom. You can’t put more items in the room as it will make it cluttered and congested. Instead, you should go with a big frameless mirror that goes on the wall. First of all, this type of mirror doesn’t use any floor space and because the wall space isn’t in use any way, you can put a big frameless wall to wall mirror. This will help reflect more light making the room much brighter and it will also give you a sense of openness. The only problem with a big mirror is the time and efforts it takes to clean it.

  2. Full size floor mirror:

    When we talk about full size floor mirrors, we are not thinking of putting one in the bathroom. Instead, these mirrors can only go in bedrooms and closets. A full length floor mirror that doesn’t have any frame makes a very bold statement and yet many people like to have one in the room. Because it’s frameless, it can go with any interior and its rectangular shape rests against a wall so it doesn’t take as much of floor space. If you have a dresser in the room but no mirror, you should go with the frameless floor mirror. This way you will be able to use it while putting makeup on or getting ready for the office in the morning and with the help of the big size of the mirror, you can look at yourself from head to toe.

  3. Beveled edge frameless mirror:

    Usually when we talk about a frameless mirror, only one thing comes to our minds; a frameless mirror that is just a piece of glass without any frame around it. Yes it’s correct because the whole idea of having a frameless mirror is to have a mirror that doesn’t have any frame. But you can still be creative with this boring looking piece of glass. These days a mirror can have trimmed or chamfered edge which is known as beveled edge mirror. This way there is no frame around the mirror but the beveled edges go all the way around the mirror and as light falls on the edge, it’s reflected at a different angle so it gives a sense of a frame around the mirror.

  4. Frameless vanity mirror:

    There is always a never ending debate among people to have or not to have a vanity in the bathroom. The ones in favor say that every bathroom should have a vanity because it covers most of the sink fixtures and drain pipes while giving extra storage space. The ones against vanity say that it can make a bathroom appear smaller because it takes lots of floor space and if you go with a wall cabinet, you can still have storage space. In either case, it’s always good to have a frameless mirror above the vanity in the bathroom. You can use this mirror to put make up, brush or floss your teeth or shave your beard. A more creative option is to have a medicine cabinet built into the wall and the mirror can be used as a door. This way it will appear as an ordinary mirror but when you open it, there is cabinet space behind it that you can use for putting medicine, first aid kit and toiletries.Frameless Mirror Design 17Frameless Mirror Design 18Frameless Mirror Design 19


    Frameless Mirror Design 20


    Frameless Mirror Design 21


    Frameless Mirror Design 22


    Frameless Mirror Design 23


    Frameless Mirror Design 24


    Frameless Mirror Design 25


    Frameless Mirror Design 26


    Frameless Mirror Design 27


    Frameless Mirror Design 28


    Frameless Mirror Design 29


    Frameless Mirror Design 30


    Frameless Mirror Design 31


    Frameless Mirror Design 32


    Frameless Mirror Design 33

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