30+ Floor Mirror Designs

Floor mirror designs when you want to make a tiny room appear bigger and wider, there is nothing much you can do that doesn’t require demolishing the wall and physically making the room bigger. There is though one thing that you can do; addition of a full size floor mirror in the room. Adding a floor mirror designs in a tiny room will instantly transform the room from a tiny cluttered room to an open space with more light. Not only that the mirror will make the room appear a little bigger but small amount of light will be enough to reflect off of the mirror and brighten up the room. And let’s not forget the main feature of a mirror; to look at yourself and get ready in front of the mirror. Transforming a room to give a new look can be expensive and when you have tight budget, you should always go with a floor mirror. The amount that you want to spend on the mirror will decide if you should get a cheaper wooden mirror, a frameless mirror that is even cheaper or something expensive i.e. antique floor mirror.

Floor Mirror Design 01


Floor Mirror Design 02


Floor Mirror Design 03\


Floor Mirror Design 04


Floor Mirror Design 05


Floor Mirror Design 06


Floor Mirror Design 07


Floor Mirror Design 08


Floor Mirror Design 09


Floor Mirror Design 10


Floor Mirror Design 11


Floor Mirror Design 12


Floor Mirror Design 13


Floor Mirror Design 14


Floor Mirror Design 15

Floor Mirror Designs:

  1. Leaning floor mirrors:

    As the name suggests, it’s a floor mirror that leans towards the wall. Basically there is no wooden frame around the mirror that can support it on the floor so it has to be leaned towards the back wall only on the top. This makes it one of the most frequently used types of floor mirrors designs because of the ease of installing it. You can just get the mirror and put it against the wall in any corner of the room and that’s it. There is no need to put nails or install a frame on the wall and because the mirror is in rectangular form so it can be placed anywhere in the room even if it’s a tiny room. Then there is the added benefit of seeing your body as slimmer because the mirror is leaned away from you on the top. This is the technique that most boutiques and dress shops use so the women trying on dresses see their bodies comparatively slimmer.

  2. Easel floor mirrors:

    Easel mirrors are very similar to leaned mirrors but there is a difference that you don’t need to put it against a wall as there is a stand behind it to support its weight. Basically the problem with a leaned mirror is that you can just put it up against a wall and in case there is no space left in the room, there is no way to put the mirror. With easel mirror, it has a built-in stand on the back side which acts like a wall. This way not only that you can put the mirror away from the wall or in the middle of the room but you can also change the angle or tilt the mirror on a different angle. For shorter people, getting a view from head to toe isn’t a problem because any decent size mirror is big enough but for taller people, it’s often a compromise to either look at their torso or legs but not both at the same time. With the easel mirror, you can easily adjust the mirror and tilt it towards you to look at you from top to bottom.

  3. Cheval floor mirrors:

    Cheval mirrors were invented almost 2 centuries ago and since their invention, they have been very popular especially in European countries. A cheval mirror has two parts; mirror and its frame. With the frame around the mirror, it can be put on the floor and it doesn’t need any wall support on the back side. Because of the design features, this mirror swivels to multiple angles. Some of these mirrors can only swivel horizontally or vertically but expensive models can swivel in both directions. When it comes to cheval mirrors, there are lots of styles and designs and often wooden frames are used because of how versatile they can be.Floor Mirror Design 16Floor Mirror Design 17Floor Mirror Design 18Floor Mirror Design 19


    Floor Mirror Design 20


    Floor Mirror Design 21


    Floor Mirror Design 22


    Floor Mirror Design 23


    Floor Mirror Design 24


    Floor Mirror Design 25


    Floor Mirror Design 26


    Floor Mirror Design 27


    Floor Mirror Design 28


    Floor Mirror Design 29


    Floor Mirror Design 30


    Floor Mirror Design 31


    Floor Mirror Design 32


    Floor Mirror Design 33

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