15+ Gym Mirror Designs

Gym mirror designs working out and doing exercise in the gym is always better when you have companion. This is why most people who do regular exercise usually have a partner in the gym. Besides having a partner for your workout sessions, it’s also important for having a full size mirror in the gym. When you do exercise i.e. light weights or do pushups in front of the mirror, you can see exactly what angle you are using and which muscles you are pulling. Besides the obvious benefits of having mirrors in the gym, there is the added benefit of looking at you while doing exercise and having the feeling of accomplishment and motivation. Gym mirror designs come in various designs, shapes and materials. Now you can even find small acrylic mirror tiles that can be installed on the walls to lighted mirrors that have built-in LED lights. Then there are the shatterproof plastic mirror stickers that you can paste on the wall and they can last for decades without getting damaged.


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Gym Mirror Designs:

  1. Traditional full size mirrors:

    The most common type of gym mirrors are traditional full size mirrors that go from top to bottom and one side to the other side of the wall. In a small gym space, this might be a good idea to install a full size mirror that can reflect more light and open up the tiny space but for a big and wide gym, it might not be affordable. Additionally a small bump or crash into the mirror can result in breaking the entire mirror and don’t forget the efforts it will require to clean a mirror of this size. Besides these drawbacks, a full size gym mirror designs makes working out more fun and exciting. You don’t need to put small mirrors in front of individual machines but a single mirror can be used by many people at the same time.

  2. HD mirrors:

    You know the difference between a traditional display and high definition display. HD display portrays more vivid colors and it can show more details. In the same sense, an HD mirror in the gym can reflect best angles to the people working out in front of it. These mirrors are usually made with tough material so they are scratch proof to some extent. This means cleaning these mirrors is also not that difficult. But, more importantly, these mirrors show each and every detail of the workout session. Usually dance schools have these mirrors where students practice in front of HD mirrors or teachers give training to the students in front of these mirrors. Looking at an HD mirror while running on treadmill or lifting weight might change your perspective of how people look while doing exercise.

  3. Acrylic/plastic mirrors:

    Traditional mirrors look good in gym and they certainly brighten up the room by reflecting more light but keep in mind that handling such a wide size of mirror is not an easy job. These full size mirrors are very expensive because they come in one piece and handling these mirrors and installing them in the gym is also not easy. At the end, it’s still a mirror that can break with something as small as a smart phone or someone getting tripped on the carpet and accidently bumping into the mirror. A clever idea is to install plastic or acrylic mirrors on the walls. When these mirrors are installed, you can’t see any difference. And the good part is that you can’t break these mirrors because they are made of plastic foldable sheet.

  4. Wall hanging mirror:

    Big wall to wall mirrors require lots of care and let’s not forget the big whole they can put in your pocket because these are expensive. If you have a small gym or you just started this business from scratch, it might not be a good idea to invest a big amount of money in the mirrors. A smart move here is to invest in cheaper smaller size mirrors that you can hang on the wall. You can get these mirrors in any shape and size. This means you can install a small square mirror on the wall for the ones lifting weights and you can go for a bigger size to install in front of the treadmill. Depending on the type of equipment, these mirrors come in various sizes and because these are frameless, you can just hang the mirrors on the walls.

Gym Mirror Design 09


Gym Mirror Design 10


Gym Mirror Design 11


Gym Mirror Design 12




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